SB 866 Minors: Vaccine Consent - Letter of Opposition

Dear Senators Wiener and Pan,

On behalf of the County of Tulare Board of Supervisors, this letter is intended to document our unequivocal opposition to Senate Bill 866 (Wiener and Pan).  SB 866 denies the ability of a parent or guardian to act in the best interests of their child. It also lays the burden of decision-making about vaccines into the hands of vaccine providers and children not deemed suited to other adult decision-making activities.

SB 277 (Pan) has already been put in place and children must be immunized against 10 serious communicable diseases to be able to attend public or private schools and childcare centers. Tulare County typically leads the state in kindergarten vaccines, with 98.1 % of all kindergartners having their required vaccinations. In 2019, only 0.2% had a permanent medical exemption required and other exemptions were only 0.4%. 


The rights of parents and guardians who are making the best decisions possible for their children must matter to the state: we must be respected. Please stop possible this effort to put burdensome adult medical decisions into the hands of children.



Larry Micari, District One Supervisor 

Pete Vander Poel, District Two Supervisor 

Amy Shuklian, District Three Supervisor 

Eddie Valero, Chair

Dennis Townsend, Vice-Chair