Supervisor Monthly Message - District 1 - December, 2021


As 2021 draws to a close, it is time for us to reflect on some of the challenges this year has brought and the opportunities the new year will bring us. Over the past two years our county struggled with the effects of the Covid- 19 pandemic, threats of water shortages, and record-breaking wildfires. However, with every challenge the people of Tulare County have faced, we have persevered and bounced back stronger than ever.


 With the beginning of the new year right around the corner, our new resolution will be to take two strong steps forward and not a step back. Thanks to the American Recovery and Capital Improvement plans, in 2022 Tulare County will improve its parks, libraries, and the capabilities of our emergency services, and will establish provisions to help communities get access to clean, reliable drinking water.


We are closer to our goal of providing high-speed internet to all. We will continue to pursue and support broadband expansion for all our Tulare County communities and make sure every household can be connected to fast and reliable internet. As we prepare for the winter months and place our stockings by the fireplace, I wish you all happy holidays.



Larry Micari

District 1 Supervisor