Supervisor Monthly Message - District 5 - January 2021

Holding on to Hope


As we begin 2021, it is obvious that we all want it to be so much better than 2020! That is not really a tall order since it will be better if we simply don't see a pandemic and the ensuing economic destruction, the largest fire in Tulare County history, the most challenging election in recent memory, etc., etc., etc. I do pray, however, that we will have much higher aspirations for this new year than it just being “better than 2020.”

We can actually be thankful to live in these times and be available in these times to add our individual talents and strengths to the mix. Like in athletic training, stress, resistance, and some challenges are necessary to advance in a given field or to gain personal strength and endurance. I hope that will be our experience in 2021.

We will get beyond some of the issues we dealt with but there is little doubt that some will linger on for a time. We will, assuredly, have new struggles to deal with that will stretch us and test us, but we can be still be thankful with the knowledge that we are in the positions we are in for exactly this time in history. I will enter 2021 with hope and I trust you will too.

Hope is an extremely valuable commodity for us individually and as a society. Without hope, people give up and never reach their goals. Sometimes people stop their forward progress and drop out of the race within sight of the finish line. Without hope we may not ever even begin to envision what is possible with collaboration and extra effort and even some sweat. Proverbs 29:18 says "Where there is no vision, the people perish..." I want to encourage us all to have a hope for the future and a vision for the roles we play individually and corporately in that future.

There is no doubt in my mind that we can address issues together creatively and work hard to plan for and build a bright future for ourselves and for Tulare County. I am excited to begin the second half of my first term as a representative for the people of the fifth district.  I look forward to working with my County of Tulare colleagues and staff along with State, Federal, and other County elected representatives and officials to continue to build on the work of so many who have gone before us and construct a foundation for those yet to come. I pray that you join me in this vision and continue to hold tight to hope.


Dennis Townsend, Supervisor

District Five