Cooling Centers & Heat Safety

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The Tulare County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program coordinates the operation of Cooling Centers throughout the County during the summer months.  Cooling Centers are operated voluntarily by their respective owners, as a service to the community. These facilities are equipped with air conditioning, seating, and restrooms, and may also provide vending machines, reading materials, and/or activities. Contact Cooling Centers near you to find out what services are offered and the hours of operation. 

During extreme heat emergencies with high overnight temperatures, additional 24x7 Cooling Centers may be activated to assist the public.

If you believe that you have a medical emergency related to the heat, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Also, please remember your animals and pets: they can overheat as well, and suffer from heat stress.

Thinking about visiting a Cooling Center because your utility bill is too high?  Contact 2-1-1 of Tulare County to see if you qualify for assistance programs. Still hot, but don't want to visit a Cooling Center?  How about a trip to your local movie theater, or family member's/friend's house?*Public transportation is provided free of charge by Tulare County Regional Transit Agency when traveling to and from designated cooling centers*


The following map displays all current Cooling Centers locations within the County