Household Bottled Water Program

The County was approved of a grant that funds the delivery of bottled drinking water to drought-affected homes with failed private wells and households with limited incomes.

Recent changes to the grant that was supporting this program will limit the County's utilization of this program.

The County will no longer be accepting or reviewing any new applications for this program. If you have applied for this program, but have not yet received approval, your application will not be approved. Further, monthly allocations have changed for all participants in this program.

A household of one person will receive 18 gallons of bottled drinking water per month. A household of two persons will receive 30 gallons of bottled drinking water per month. A household of three or more persons will receive a maximum of 48 gallons per month. There will be no exceptions to these allocations.

Continuing participation in this program, the County will require households to provide proof of ownership. Households that cannot provide proof of ownership, or households residing at rental properties, will no longer be able to participate in this program.

For questions, please contact:

Resource Management Agency
Bottled Water Program
5961 S. Mooney Blvd.
Visalia, CA 93277