Service Providers

Water Haulers

For properties with water storage tanks and are in need of bulk water deliveries, the California Department of Public Health publishes a list of Licensed Water Haulers by County*. Please consider both Fresno County and Tulare County water haulers.

*California Health and Safety Code, Section 111120, requires operators of water haulers operating in California to obtain a Water Hauler License issued by the Department of Public Health’s Food and Drug Branch. The Water Hauler License is required to haul water in bulk for drinking, culinary or other purposes involving a likelihood of the water being ingested by humans.

Non-potable water haulers do not need to be licensed, but the water provided must not be ingested. Such water may be used for agriculture, irrigation, flushing toilets, or laundry. Non-potable water carries a serious health risk if ingested as the water may contain dangerous contaminents and/or microorganisms.

Water Well Drillers

For a list of drillers, please check this list of Tulare County Water Well Drillers. The drillers will need to complete and submit a Well Permit Application to:

Tulare County Environmental Health Services
5957 S. Mooney Blvd.
Visalia, CA 93277

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