Voluntary Products

Chimienti & Associates Insurance Services offers the following voluntary benefits through payroll deduction with Pre-tax option available on most plans.

  • Hospital Gap Insurance (Solutions Plus+ Advantage) – Employees now have two plan options to choose from$2,000 Inpatient & $2,000 Outpatient plan or $1,000 Inpatient & $1,000 Outpatient plan. The Gap plan is designed to offset your deductible and coinsurance exposure under your Anthem $1000 Deductible or Anthem $500 Deductible Medical Plans. This Gap Insurance is always Guarantee Issue (No Medical Questions) during Open Enrollment and covers Pre-Existing Conditions.
  • Group Term Life Insurance (VOYA) – Term Life insurance is a more temporary life insurance providing a fixed benefit amount for a specific period of time to cover your working, family and mortgage years. VOYA’s 5 Year Term Life provides very affordable group rates. Employee policy options are available with limited health questions up to $500,000, up to $50,000 for Spouse and $10,000 Child Term Rider.
  • Universal Life Insurance (Transamerica) – Universal Life is Permanent, Interest-Earning Life Insurance with coverage lasting up to Age 100. The valuable Long Term Care with Extension of Benefits continues to be included in this Life Insurance. Employee Policy options are available with limited health questions up to $500,000 (capped at 5 X annual salary), up to $100,000 for Spouse, and Child coverage option of $25,000 Universal Life or $10,000 Child Term Rider.
  • Critical Illness Plan (VOYA)GUARANTEE ISSUE OFFER THIS OPEN ENROLLMENT! No Medical Questions are required for Employee Policy options up to $30,000, Spouse policy up to $15,000 and $2,500 Child Term Rider. Critical Illness pays Lump Sum Benefit directly to employee, when diagnosed with Critical Conditions such as: Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and Renal Failure. Annual $50 Health Screening is included in this plan.
  • Cancer Insurance (Transamerica) – This benefit pays benefits directly to Employees upon diagnosis of invasive Cancer. $5,000 Initial Diagnosis Benefit is the first payout, with a long list of benefits paid for the treatment of cancer such as; Radiation & Chemo, Surgical, Hospitalization, New & Experimental Treatment, Transportation & Family Lodging and more. $200 Annual Mammogram Benefit + $50 Annual Health Screening Benefits are included in this plan.
  • Short Term Disability (American Fidelity) –This Paycheck Protection Plan pays up to 40% of your gross income in addition to State Disability, should you be unable to work due to an illness or injury. Only one medical question  is required to obtain coverage. Employees with policies may increase their coverage with No Medical Questions for up to $400 additional monthly benefit (capped @ 40% of gross income).
  • 24-Hour Accident Insurance (Transamerica) – Accident Insurance Plan pays benefits directly to the employee in the event of a covered accident on or off the job. It pays benefits for emergency treatment, hospitalization, follow- up treatment, intensive care, prosthesis and much more. Refer to Schedule of Benefits for amounts payable, definitions and limitations for each specific accident.  Annual $60 Health Screening Test in included.
  •  Legal Plan (LegalEASE) - Legal Plan gives employees the ability to talk to an Attorney for free or discounted legal services, alleviating the worry of high hourly costs. Examples of covered legal services; Name Change, Home Sale/Purchase, Estate Planning (Simple Will and Power of Attorney), Family Law Services, Identity Theft, Financial Counseling, and more.