Waiving Coverage

If waiving participation in the County’s Health Plans, employees must provide proof of other coverage to receive the Benefit Amount.  Below is a list of acceptable forms verifying proof of other coverage:

  1. Group Health insurance ID card.
  2. Statement from another employer: On company letterhead that includes verification of coverage levels and dates of coverage.
  3. Certificate of Credible Coverage:  Distributed by the carrier upon enrollment in the plan (also known as a HIPAA Certificate).
  4. COBRA General Notice: Must list names of the dependents that are covered.
  5. Other coverage must be effective on or before your date of hire.
  6. Medi-Cal : Current Notice of Action.

Employees are required to provide proof of other coverage annually.  The Declination of Coverage and Proof of Other Coverage Forms must be completed and returned to HRD Benefits Division.