Adult Services


Tate Rankin, Division Manager


Adult Field Probation Officers protect the community by working with offenders to prevent further law violations.  Individuals placed under supervision are assigned to a Probation Officer based on their assessed risk level, using evidence based practices.  Compliance is monitored using each individual’s terms of supervision, and may include searches, drug and alcohol monitoring and testing, and electronic location monitoring.  The Probation Officer also provides referrals and monitors participation in rehabilitative services, such as substance abuse, domestic violence, and sex offender treatment programs.   Probation Officers work with our community partners to assist those under our supervision in obtaining medical and mental health services, applying for aid, preparing for and obtaining employment, and meeting their educational goals.


Rodger Keller, Supervising Probation Officer

  •     AB 109/Post Release Community Supervision (P.R.C.S.)

George Luna, Supervising Probation Officer

  •     Adult Supervision

Tammy Peckham, Supervising Probation Officer

  •     Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Team (S.A.F.E.)
  •     Safety and Accountability in Family Environments Team (S.A.F.E.)
  •     Office of Traffic Safety - DUI
  •     RESET Program

Danny Serpa, Supervising Probation Officer

  •     Police Probation Partnership
  •     AB 109/Mandatory Supervision



Tracye Peck, Division Manager


Jason Elick, Supervising Probation Officer

  •     Recovery Court
  •     Drug Court
  •     Mental Health Court
  •     Domestic Violence (DV) Court
  •     Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Court
  •     Veteran's Court
  •     Adult Placement
  •     Restitution/ICOTS

Kimberly Mendonca, Supervising Probation Officer

  •     Pretrial Court
  •     Pretrial Assessment Unit

Greg Powers, Supervising Probation Officer

  •     Adult Investigations

Joe Pinheiro, Supervising Probation Officer

  •     GPS Jail Program
  •     Electronic Monitor/BI
  •     Pretrial Supervision