Returning Home

For those communities where Evacuation Orders and Warnings have been lifted, or areas that officials have permitted Residents ONLY to return, property owners an residents living in these areas may return to their homes after showing proof of residence to law enforcement officers.

Documentation to Posted Law Enforcement

Proper documentation must include the person's name and address within the impacted area. Examples include a driver's license, utility bill or address documentation from the U.S. Post Office for people who use a post office box. At this time, only residents are permitted to return.

Be Careful when Returning Home - ACTIVE Fire

People returning to their homes need to be careful and aware of possible debris and smoke inhalation. Please do not enter areas still under evacuation orders, as crews are working in those areas.


Re-Entry information for Property Owners of Cedar Slope, Alpine Village, Sequoia Crest, and Redwood Drive, as of 10/7/2020

Drive Re-Entry

Tulare County Officials have been collaborating to identify when evacuees can be allowed re-entry within the burn area of the SQF Complex Fire. Re-entry into these designated areas, located inside Evacuation Order areas, will allow for short term visits by owners, enabling them to survey damage and salvage items. Your safety is our first priority as we continue to work to remove all evacuation orders.

Re-entry: A re-entry point is defined as an area within an evacuation zone where the fire has damaged / destroyed a person’s land and / or structure(s). Temporary entrance times are assigned by county officials to property owners.


  • For the communities of Cedar Slope: Saturday, October 10, 2020 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

  • For the communities of Alpine Village, Sequoia Crest and Redwood Drive: Sunday, October 11, 2020 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Check in Process for both days:

Check in at the Local Assistance Center (L.A.C) at 1055 W. Henderson in Porterville starting at 8:00 am. After checking in and verification of information, property owners can then proceed to Camp Nelson Fire Station where they will be escorted in to their community. Everyone will be escorted out of the area at 2 pm.


Only property owners on the designated day will be granted temporary access to their properties, in their respective community. Only one vehicle per property will be allowed. (No trailers, RV’s or Motorhomes will be allowed) This re-entry visit is intended for property owners only, this is not intended for insurance adjustors, contractors or other types of business.

Re-Entry Process and Expectations

Before returning to your verified address, you must check in at the L.A.C.. At the designated check-in location, officials will verify that you are a resident and guide you through the process of gaining access to your property. Due to health and safety hazards created by the fire, you are urged to bring personal protective equipment (goggles, face masks, gloves, etc.) to wear. You are encouraged to wear pants, a long sleeve shirt and sturdy, close-toed shoes. You should also bring a second set of clothes or coveralls. You will be able to take away items from your property.

Additional information regarding this re-entry will be available at: Tulare County Recovers – SQF Complex Facebook

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