Volunteers In Patrol

In February of 1993, the Sheriff’s Department formed the first volunteer unit to support the growing needs of the Department.This new branch of law enforcement provided the following services:


* To serve as extra eyes and ears for the officers sharing valuable information about the communities

* To perform many duties that do not require sworn personnel, allowing officers to better utilize their time serving the community

* To provide better visual deterrents and command presence in the communities of Tulare County

* To offer community assistance where sworn personnel are not necessary , but uniformed presence is valuable


These objectives still stand tall today. Many of our volunteers are retried community members who want to help the Sheriff’s Department and the communities of Tulare County.


Sheriff’s Volunteers have a wide range of duties.With four substations and numerous detective and support offices, volunteers can find an area that best suits their schedule and location as well as the departments needs.Some of the common duties are:

·School/vacation home patrol checks
·Transport documents to courts and substations
·Transport patrol cars for servicing
·Traffic control
·Assist stranded motorists
·Deliver equipment/ supplies to department offices
·Community service engagements
·Crime prevention engagements
·Provide basic office assistance
·Children’s Court Assistance
·Trash & Graffiti abatement
·Search and Rescue support
·Community Outreach


Both men and women are encouraged tovolunteer.Toqualify you must turn in an application. Upon review of the application you will be given a background package and be fingerprinted.


All accepted applicants must complete a 40 hour training program provided by the Sheriff’s Department. The program includes training on all the common duties of our volunteers.Each volunteer will complete the entire course regardless of the specific duties they choose toperform.This training must be completed before the volunteer will be allowed to wear the uniform or perform any duties for the department.

Volunteer Apparel:

Sheriff’s Department volunteers wear a Department authorized uniform consisting of a white shirt, black jacket with Department patches on both shoulders, black pants and black shoes.


The volunteer program has an elected board consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant Of Arms.Volunteers nominate and elect the board from members of the group.Volunteers conduct monthly meetings under the supervision of the Sheriff’s Department Patrol Lieutenants.


The program is based out of the Sheriff’s Headquarters building with assignments out of each of the sub-stations, Headquarters, Orosi, Porterville and Pixley.

For more information regarding the Volunteers in Patrol Program e-mail pspencer@co.tulare.ca.us or call (559) 735-1843.