Inmate Notaries



Notary services are made available to the inmates through the Programs Division.

  • All notarial acts will follow State of California Notary guidelines
  • Appointments are made in advance with Programs’ Notary
  • Inmates’ families are charged the customary notary charges when applicable
  • Inmate w/out the means to pay are not charged
  • The family is responsible to notify the Notary what type of Notarization form is required for documents being notarized. If clarification is needed on what type of notarization is needed for your documents, please visit


Fees: Government Code section 8211

  • $10 fee per Notarized signature
  • Collected fees are receipted and turned into civil to be placed into the IWF fund


Acceptable forms of ID: (Civil Code section 1185 ( c)(3) & (4)

  • Valid state issued driver license or ID
  • If above is expired, must have been issued within the last 5 years
  • Valid driver license issued by Canada or Mexico
  • Valid US Passport
  • Foreign passports with a USCIS stamp
  • Military ID
    • Photograph
    • Description of person
    • Signature
    • An identifying number


If any of the above type of ID is in the inmates’ property, the following has to be followed

  • Inmate will request Small Property Release form from Unit Deputy
  • Family will contact facility where inmate is housed at, to verify that property is ready to be released
  • When family has the acceptable ID, contact the Programs office to schedule appointment to have Notarization performed (559) 735-1671


Two Identifying Credible Witnesses (Civil Code section 1185( c )(1) Requirements

  • The Credible Witnesses personally know the signer;
  • The Credible Witnesses reasonably believes that the circumstances of the signer are such that it would be very difficult or impossible for the signer to obtain another form of identification;
  • The signer doesn’t possess any of the identification documents authorized by law to establish the signer’s identity;
  • The Credible Witnesses does not have a financial interest and is not named in the document being signed.




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