Mail Rejection Rules


The Sheriff’s Office may reject magazines, periodicals and other materials that may inhibit the reasonable safety, security and discipline in the daily operation of this facility. Generally, books, newspapers and magazines are accepted only if they are sent directly by the publisher. Materials that may be rejected include, but are not limited to (15 CCR 1066(a)):

  • Materials that advocate violence or a security breach.
  • Literature that could incite racial unrest.
  • Sexually explicit material, including pornographic magazines, nude pictures, pictures or descriptions of sexually explicit activities.
  • Obscene publications or writings and mail containing information concerning where or how such matter may be obtained; any material that would have a tendency to incite murder, arson, riot, violent racism or any other form of violence; any material that would have a tendency to incite crimes against children; any material concerning unlawful gambling or an unlawful lottery; the manufacture or use of weapons, narcotics or explosives or any other unlawful activity.
  • Material that could lead to sexual aggression, an offensive environment for inmates.
  • Material that could create a hostile or offensive work environment.
  • Any material with content that could reasonably demonstrate a legitimate government interest in rejecting the material.

Religious texts not supplied by facility-authorized entities may be accepted by the chaplain or other religious volunteer who has received training on facility rules involving contraband, and who has been approved by a supervisor to review such documents for distribution.



(a)        Inmates, their correspondents, and publishers may appeal departmental rules, regulations, policies, approved facility procedures and their application related to mail and correspondence.

(b)        Inmates shall use the established grievance procedures as provided in Tulare County Sheriff’s Custody Policy 613, et seq., for any disputes regarding mail.

(c)        Persons other than inmates should address any appeal related to department policy and regulations to the Detention Division Compliance Lieutenant. Appeals relating to a specific facility procedure or practice should be addresses in writing to the Lieutenant. A written response shall be provided within 15 working days. Appeals that are not satisfactorily resolved at this level may be forwarded in writing to the Captain of the Detentions Division who shall provide a written response within 20 working days.