Swiftwater/Dive Rescue Team

The mission of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office Swiftwater Dive Rescue Team (SDRT) is to provide a highly trained unit capable of responding to waterborne emergencies within the County of Tulare and the State of California. SDRT endeavors to be recognized as the regional leader among law enforcement agencies operating in difficult conditions during surface and sub-surface rescue, recovery and investigative operations.
SDRT is capable of conducting diving and swiftwater operations in various environments and weather conditions. SDRT is a fully self-contained unit with the ability to respond to remote locations.
SDRT provides the Sheriff’s Office with state of the art underwater search, recovery and investigation.   
• Advanced Altitude (>5,000 feet above sea level) 
• Deeper than 130 fsw 
• EANx Diving
• Light Salvage and Recovery
• PWC / Rescue Board 
• Swiftwater Operations and Current Diving
• Underwater Cave or Cavern 
• Underwater Metal Detection
• Underwater Sonar and Locating Systems 
• Underwater ROV