The County Apprehension Team Tracking Criminals in Hiding (CATTCH) Unit was formed to assist the investigations and patrol divisions of the Sheriff’s Office in locating and apprehending outstanding criminals in hiding.  The CATTCH Unit will be tasked with the collection of case information, investigation and the ultimate arrest of Tulare County’s most wanted individuals.

The CATTCH Unit was created in October of 2015..  At the time of the Unit’s inception there were more than 50,000 active warrants for individuals in Tulare County.  While Law Enforcement Officials cleared 49,685 warrants (numbers based on 2014 statistics) there are still a number of subjects who remain outstanding for a variety of reasons.  The CATTCH Unit will be tasked with these active warrant investigations along with fresh cases pending the issuance of a warrant.

Along with the pursuit of criminals in hiding, the CATTCH Unit is tasked with the creation, implementation and continuing updates of the Tulare County Sheriff's Top 10 Criminals in Hiding list.  The list will portray 10 individuals deemed most wanted by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office for a variety of reasons.  This list will be continuously monitored and updated with the most recent arrests and information for the public who wish to provide tips to assist in the investigations.

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