Location: Confidential

Incident Date: 8-4-15

Incident Time: 0344

Case Number: 15-9716

Victim: Confidential

City: Lindsay

Posted by: Media Relations


Stokes Jr., Robert (34 years)

On 8/4/2015, at 0344 hours, Deputies from the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to a confidential address in Lindsay regarding Robert Stokes Jr. pointing a gun at the confidential victim.  Stokes fired multiple rounds into the air and threatened the victim’s life and the lives of her family.  Stokes fled the scene prior to Deputies arrival, however, he was stopped and detained in the Porterville area shortly after with the assistance of PPD and CHP.  A handgun matching the description of the gun used during the crime was later recovered near the area Stokes was detained.

This case is currently being investigated by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department.