Location: Tulare, Kings, Kern & Fresno Counties

Incident Date: 6/19/19

Posted by: Media Relations

"A Win for the Good Guys", Multi-Agency Gang Sweep Nets Dozens

“Today’s Operation was a Win for the Good Guys,” Sheriff Mike Boudreaux said at a News Conference In Kings County Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

Sheriff Boudreaux spoke alongside law enforcement partners from Kings, Kern and Fresno Counties, about Operation Red Reaper.

The multi-agency operation, which was made up of local law enforcement, as well as state and federal officials, targeted Norteno street gangs and the Nuestra Family Prison Gang.

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office got on board last December, when the Kings County Sheriff’s Office notified Sheriff Boudreaux about the complex investigation. Immediately, TCSO resources were made available to help make this operation a success.

“In law enforcement, it doesn’t matter the badge or shield or patch you wear, we’re all fighting for the good cause,” Sheriff Boudreaux said.

And that fight paid off! 21 locations in Tulare County were targeted and 16 people were arrested. 1,000 ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION were confiscated in Tulare County alone, in addition to drugs and numerous guns. 

“We want to overcome evil and that’s exactly what existed here with these gang members,” Sheriff Boudreaux said. “This isn’t over my any means. There is much to be done. And there will always be much to be done. We want gang member to know, we will be coming after you.”