Location: 15400 Block of Magnolia, Porterville

Incident Date: 2-9-15

Incident Time: 1738

Case Number: 15-1754

Victim: Carothers, Christopher

Posted by: Media Relations

On 2-9-15 at approximately 1730 hours Tulare County Animal Control Officer responded to the listed location regarding a dog attack.  The Animal Control Officer contacted the Antonio Sanchez at the scene who reported the dogs were locked in a backyard shed.  Antonio signed a surrender form for the county to take possession.  Antonio refused to escort the (3) dogs to the Animal Control vehicle.  Animal Control Officer responded to the backyard shed along with Antonio.  While standing at the shed, Antonio intentionally released the (3) dogs on the Animal Control Officer. The Animal Control Officer sustained a laceration to the right rear ankle area.  The (3) were later taken into custody by the Tulare County Animal Control Department with the help of Deputies.   Antonio was transported to the Porterville Substation and booked for PC 245 and a warrant.