Location: 5053 Avenue 88

Incident Date: 04-16-15

Incident Time: 2130

Case Number: 15-4808

Victim: Marcos Carrion

City: Pixley

Posted by: Media Relations

On 04-16-15 Deputies were Dispatched to an assault with a deadly weapon that had just occurred. After further investigation Deputies discovered that an employee was in a verbal argument with another employee. The incident escalated when one of the employees responded to his vehicle and obtained a large ratchet. He then went and began hitting the other employee multiple times in multiple sections of his body.

Deputies responded to (S) residence and he was transported to the Pixley Substation for interrogation. (S) admitted to the incident and assaulting (V) with a ratchet.

(S) was transported and booked at the Porterville Substation with no further incident.

(S) Carlos Bustillo 32 year old male from Pixley.