Location: 900 Block of Lime, Porterville

Incident Date: 11-14-14

Incident Time: 2000

Case Number: 14-14343

Posted by: Media Relations

Suspect: ANSELMO SOLORIO, age 34

Address: 900 Block of Lime, Porterville 

Date Occured: 11-14-14

Time Occured: 2000





In the evening hours of Friday, November 14th, shortly after 8 PM the Tulare County Sheriff's Department South County Gang Unit was conducting a compliance and parole check at a residence in the 900 block of Lime Street in Porterville. During the course of that check, deputies contacted the family members of the suspect, who indicated the suspect's location to detectives within a room in the front of the house. 


They attempted to make contact with the suspect verbally through a closed door  in an attempt to get him to exit the room. The suspect began to indiscriminately shoot through the door and wall of the room he was in at the detectives, which resulted in his brother being shot in the face. In the process of exiting the residence, detectives helped rescue family members they were aware of in the residence. The brother was removed and taken to an area hospital for treatment where he has been treated and is expected to be released later today. After deputies and family members exited the house it was discovered that two elderly females were still in the residence and unable to remove themselves. 


At this time, law enforcement created a perimeter around the residence and the Tulare County Sheriff's Department SWAT and the Porterville Police Department SWAT teams was called out. Verbal negotiations with the suspect ensued. 


Hostage negotiators continued to make contact with the suspect and attempt to talk him into leaving the residence. During that time the suspect continued to fire on law enforcement from inside the residence. No law enforcement officers were hit or injured. 


In the early morning hours the elderly females were rescued from within the residence by law enforcement officers unharmed. 


At that time tear gas was used to draw the suspect out, but that was unsuccessful. The suspect continued to shoot at armored vehicles from Porterville Police Department and Tulare County Sheriff's Department that were present, and Porterville Police officers returned fire. 


The suspect then surrendered around seven in the morning and left the residence and was taken into custody. He sustained a superficial wound to his right elbow. It is undetermined at this time whether or not that is a result of gunfire from law enforcement. He will be treated for that injury and released to be booked at the Tulare County Main Jail. His bail is set at one million dollars. 


The Visalia Police Department is handling the officer involved shooting investigation. The Tulare County Sheriff's Department is handling the criminal investigation for attempted homicide on peace officers and felon in possession of a firearm among other charges. 


His photo can be found on our facebook page at facebook.com/TulareSheriff or by calling our jail facilities at 559-636-4655.


Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Sheriff's Department using our anonymous Tip Now program by emailing tcso@tipnow.com or calling or texting 559-725-4194 or 559-733-6218. 


Media inquiries regarding any aspect of this investigation can be addressed to the Tulare County Sheriff's Department Public Information Officer by calling 559-636-4695 or emailing sheriffpio@co.tulare.ca.us