Location: 46000 block of Avenue 228, Tulare

Incident Date: 05-10-17

Case Number: 17-05468 and 17-05042

City: Tulare

Posted by: Media Relations

On 05-10-2017, Tulare County Sheriff’s Agricultural Crime Detectives orchestrated a search warrant of a residence in conjunction with Investigators from the TRATT Auto Theft Task Force and Investigators from the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office at a residence located within the 46000 block of Avenue 228 near Tulare.  

The search warrant was part of an ongoing burglary investigation (case 17-5468) and vehicle theft investigation (17-5042) in which Richard Wilson was the suspect.  

Richard Wilson and Shannon Dotson were arrested for the burglary on 05-09-2017.  During the search warrant of their residence, additional stolen property valued at nearly $2,000 was located at the property.  Also located was an illegal firearm and stolen vehicle parts.  

Richard Wilson, who was out on bail, was again arrested for possession of the firearm and stolen vehicle parts. The property was later condemned as a result of its condition.

If you have any information related to this case, please contact Detective Nicholson (559) 735-1898 or (800) 808-0488.  Anonymous information about this crime can be reported via Tipnow, email: tcso@tipnow.net or download the Tipnow app for android or apple phones (559) 725-4194.