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Busted: Vandal Who Defaced Fallen TCSO Deputy & Pilot Highway Dedication Sign CAUGHT


Yesterday, we told you about the disgraceful damage done to the highway dedication sign honoring fallen TCSO Deputy Scott Ballantyne and Sheriff’s Pilot James Chavez. The sign bearing their name and memory was cowardly vandalized with anti-police hate speech.

Today, however, we’re happy to report the person who did this won’t be destroying more property any time soon.


22-year-old Devon Young of Porterville was arrested this afternoon, after TCSO Deputies linked him to the crime. Young tagged the highway dedication sign with his nickname, which helped Deputies track him down at his girlfriend’s house in Lindsay.

Young was already on parole for robbery and was found to be in violation of that parole. During a search of his home, Deputies found evidence linking Young to the crime. He now also faces charges of vandalism.

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Disgusted and Disheartened

To the person who spray painted hateful, anti-police rhetoric on the highway sign dedicated to the memory of our fallen deputy and pilot, you DID NOT accomplish what you think you did.

Despite your hate, the men and women of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office will continue to protect and serve EVERYONE who needs them just like Deputy Scott Ballantyne and Pilot James Chavez were doing the day they died in the line of duty.


We can only hope the families of Deputy Ballantyne and Pilot Chavez didn’t drive by and witness this disgraceful disregard for the lives of their loved ones.

Sheriff Boudreaux made sure the hateful speech was immediately cleaned off and the dedication sign was restored to the way it was meant to be. He went on to call this an act of cowards.

We agree.