Location: 24500 BLOCK OF AVE 92 , TERRA BELLA

Incident Date: 06-28-2015

Incident Time: 0011

Case Number: 15-8029

Posted by: Media Relations


Male juvenile, 16

Male juvenile, 15

Eduardo Mata, 19

Anthony Avila, 18

Freddy Maciel, 21

Victim: The people of California.

On 06-28-15 at approximately 0011 hours, deputies were dispatched to a residence in the 24500 block of Avenue 92 in the community of Terra Bella regarding gunfire coming from the residence. 

Upon arrival deputies located a vehicle leaving the residence. A traffic enforcement stop was performed on the vehicle. Deputies contacted the passengers in the vehicle and recognized the passengers to be Norteno gang members. During the contact with the passengers deputies located a loaded rifle with in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. All the passengers were arrested on violation of California Penal Code 25850(A) (Carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle.)