Location: 30800 Block Drive 68

Incident Date: 8-18-15

Incident Time: 2100

Case Number: 15-10369

Victim: Goshen AM PM / Arco

Posted by: Media Relations

On 8-18-15 at approximately 2100 hours, Deputies from the Headquarters Substation responded to Highway 99 and Betty Drive in Goshen regarding a vehicle versus pedestrian accident. Deputies were advised that a clerk working at the Goshen AM PM / Arco had just reported a theft of alcohol by two juvenile males. Deputies identified one of the juvenile males as the victim of the vehicle versus pedestrian accident. 

The Tulare County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating the misdemeanor theft of alcohol from the AM PM / Arco, while California Highway Patrol investigates the vehicle versus pedestrian accident resulting in the death of a male juvenile. 

During the course of the investigation, deputies were able to identify the second suspect in the misdemeanor theft.  The second suspect, who was identified as a juvenile male from Goshen, was contacted and interviewed regarding the crime.  The theft investigation has been submitted to the District Attorney's office for review.  

Questions regarding the vehicle accident and death should be directed to the California Highway Patrol Visalia Office.