Location: 30000 Block of RD 244, Lemon Cove

Incident Date: 09-19-16

Incident Time: 0800 Hours

Case Number: 16-11837

City: Lemon Cove

Posted by: Media Relations

 On September 19, 2016 Deputies were dispatched to the 32706 Road 244 in the Lemon Cove area in regards to an unattended death. The investigation revealed that Carole Cutler Blair Morales had passed away in her home. There was no evidence of trauma or second party involvement and her death is being considered as natural at this time.


The Tulare County Coroner’s Office is currently searching for any living relatives of Ms. Morales.  Anyone with information is encouraged to call Detective Rhoads or Sgt Knight of the Tulare County Sheriff's Coroner’s Office at (559) 687-7003 or they can remain anonymous by calling or texting (559) 725-4194 or through email at tcso@tipnow.com