Incident Date: 10-09-2014

Posted by: Media Relations

On 10/09/14 Investigators from The Gang Violence Suppression Unit along with investigators from the STEP Unit served three search warrants regarding the ongoing investigation of the cultivation and sales of Marijuana by gang members. Five persons were taken into custody without incident on various charges; two handguns were seized as well as approx. six grams of Methamphetamine, approx. 66 pounds of Marijuana in various stages of processing and 66 live Marijuana plants eradicated.

14-80085 AT 40200 Blk of Ralph Rd.  Cutler, Ca.

Suspect #1- Horacio Vazquez MH/ 30 yrs.
Charges:     273(a) PC Child Endangerment: 21810 PC Possession of brass knuckles: 11358 HS Cultivation of Marijuana: 11359 HS Sales of Marijuana: 166.4 (10) (a) PC Violation of court order gang injunction.

Suspect #2-  Asucena Leon FH/ 34 yrs
Charges:     273(a) PC Child Endangerment

During the service of the search warrant Leon was attempting to conceal the marijuana that was packaged for sales in the suspects bedroom with three children, ages 2,3 & 4 at her feet. The parents shared a bedroom with the children.  The processed Marijuana was well within reach of the children, as well as a handgun that was seized from this residence. Processed and partially processed marijuana was seized. Gang Indicia was located and seized as well. 

14-80086 AT 40300 Blk of Ralph Rd.  Cutler, Ca.

Suspect #1- Martin Perez  MH/ 24 yrs.
Charges:     11358 HS Cultivation of Marijuana: 11359 Sales of Marijuana: 182 PC Conspiracy 

Suspect #2- Michael Perez  MH/30 yrs.
Charges:     29800(A)(1) PC Felon in possession of a firearm: 11377(a) HS Possession of Methamphetamine

Suspect #3- Felix Pineda Moreno  MH/ 30 yrs
Charges:    148 PC Delaying/ resisting an offer in the performance of his duties.

During the service of the search warrant in regards to the ongoing investigation Martin Perez was taken into custody on the listed charges. Processed and partially processed Marijuana packaged for sales was located and seized, Michael Perez was found to be in possession of Methamphetamine as well as a handgun and taken into custody on the listed charges. Felix Moreno was found hiding in the residence and refused to come out when the investigators ordered the occupants out. Moreno was hiding in a closet and found when the investigators were conducting a protective sweep of the residence. Live plants were eradicated from this residence. Gang indicia were also located.

14-80087 AT 33000 Blk of Hawthorne Rd. Ivanhoe, Ca.

Suspects: Out of custody at this time

Charges: 11358 HS Cultivation of marijuana: 11359 HS Possession of marijuana for sales.
Investigators served a search warrant at the listed location, the ensuing investigation located gang indicia, Marijuana packaged for sales, live plants that were eradicated and evidence of child endangerment as the packaged and processing of the marijuana were located in a child’s bedroom.

The cases are currently under investigation by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office North County Gang Violence Suppression Unit and no other information is being released at this time. Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Det. Neil Skrinde or Sgt. Steve Kennedy at (559)735-1898 or (800) 808-0488.
Booking photos available through the Main Jail.

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