Location: Ivanhoe

Incident Date: 9/27/17

Incident Time: 0630 hours

Case Number: 17-80088, 17-80089, 17-80090, 17-80091, 17-80092

Victim: State of California, Hispanic male juvenile

City: Ivanhoe

Posted by: Media Relations

On 9-27-17 at approximately 0630 hours, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office Tulare Area Gang and Narcotics Enforcement Team (TAGNET) and the Sheriff's County Apprehension Team Tracking Criminals in Hiding (CATTCH Units met with members of the Tulare County Resource Management Code Compliance Unit regarding six civil abatement search warrants in the Ivanhoe area.

During the service of the civil abatement warrants, marijuana plants were removed from the following locations and destroyed:

32900 block of Road 157, Ivanhoe 
88 plants removed and destroyed-10 lbs. of processed marijuana removed and destroyed.

15900 block of Beechwood Avenue, Ivanhoe
160 plants removed and destroyed

15800 block of Edmiston, Ivanhoe
88 plants removed and destroyed

During the service of the civil abatement warrants at the following locations, Detective’s found criminal violations occurring and made the following arrests:

15900 block of Beechwood Avenue, Ivanhoe
281 marijuana plants seized- 5 lbs. of processed marijuana seized, 1 handgun seized
(S) Espinoza, Jose Antonio – 37 YOA
Charges: 11358, 11359, 11366 H&S

32900 block of Road 157, Ivanhoe
55 marijuana plants civilly abated, 1 shotgun and ammunition seized
(S) Garcia, Roberto – 30 YOA
Charges: 30305,29805,166.4 PC

32900 block of Road 157, Ivanhoe
82 marijuana plants civilly abated
(S1) Lopez, Elizabeth Myra – 29 YOA
(S2) Magana, Gerardo – 27 YOA
(V) 2 ½ YOA Hispanic male juvenile – released to child welfare services
Charges: 273(a), 25200(a) PC


In addition to the six civil abatement warrants, Code Compliance Officers, with the assistance of TAGNET and CATTCH Detectives, made contact with residents at the following locations regarding marijuana compliance issues. Residents at these locations requested officers remove the marijuana and destroy it for them:

15600 block of Beechwood, Ivanhoe
147 plants eradicated and destroyed

15700 block of Paradise, Ivanhoe
40 plants eradicated and destroyed

1500 block of West Marinette, Exeter
376 plants eradicated and destroyed

Code Compliance Officers with the assistance of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office are planning similar large-scale operations in the future and anyone with information regarding illegal marijuana grows are encouraged to call the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office at 559-733-6218 or they can call toll free 1-800-808-0488. Anonymous information can be sent by a text or email to TCSO@tipnow.com or call (559) 725-4194.