Location: 11 locations in the community of Seville

Incident Date: 09-14-15

Incident Time: 0700

Case Number: 15-60791

Victim: State of California

Posted by: Media Relations

A large-scale marijuana grow operation has been shut down this week in the community of Seville. Personnel with Tulare County Sheriff's Department STEP / Narcotics Units and the Resource Management Agency worked together to serve 11 search warrants in the Seville area. 

After receiving numerous citizen complaints about marijuana grows in the Seville community that was possibly affecting their water shortage, Detectives conducted a two week investigation and Search warrants were obtained for each site and on September 14th they were served.


During the operation Detectives eradicated 515 marijuana plants.  If the marijuana plants would have been allowed to mature and yielded at minimum one pound of processed marijuana, the estimated street value of the marijuana would be $515,000 dollars.


Three subjects were arrested and found to be illegally cultivating marijuana and in possession of marijuana for sales. 

1. Jairo Espinoza (33 YOA) Seville Area

2. Jose Jimenez (55 YOA) Seville Area

3. Luis Jimenez (32 YOA) Seville Area


An Average outdoor marijuana plant can consume approximately 5 gallons of water per day.  Considering California’s current water crisis, the total marijuana plants seized were consuming approximately 2,575 gallons of water per day.


Questions regarding this and other details should be directed to the Employee and Public Relations Unit. They can be reached by calling 559-636-4695 or by emailing sheriffpio@co.tulare.ca.us.