Location: Dry Creek Canyon area, Badger

Incident Date: 06-22-19

Incident Time: 0500-1500 hrs

Case Number: 19-7447

Posted by: Dispatch

Within the first week of June, Detectives from T.A.G.N.E.T. Majors, Marijuana Investigation Team conducted overflights in the Badger area for illegal clandestine marijuana grow sites.  During the overflight Detectives located several large clandestine marijuana grow sites within the area of Eshom Valley Drive, Badger


On 06-22-19 Detectives from T.A.G.N.E.T. Majors, Marijuana Investigation Team with the assistance of the Narcotics Unit conducted operations to eradicate the illegal marijuana grow sites.


During the operation of eradicating the illegal grow sites Detectives found a large amount of trash and the diversion of the natural waterways in the area.  Detectives also located a camp site however; they were unable to locate any information on the identity of the suspect’s responsible for the illegal marijuana grow.


During the operation in the Eshom Valley Area a total of 2,805 marijuana plants were located, eradicated and destroyed.


The investigation into illegal marijuana grow sites is ongoing and anyone with information is encouraged to call the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department at (559) 733-6218 or they can remain anonymous by calling TIPNOW at (559) 725-4194.