Location: 8 miles S/E of the Tule River Reservation, Porterville Ca

Incident Date: 8-18-15

Incident Time: 0700

Case Number: 15-60793

Victim: State of California

Posted by: Media Relations

Over the past several months, Detectives from the Sheriff’s Tactical Enforcement Personnel (S.T.E.P), have conducted an investigation into a drug trafficking organization, responsible for large marijuana grows. 

During the investigation, two large marijuana grows were located, one near Springville (near Balch Park Road) and a second south east of the Tule River Reservation (North Reservation road). The Operation was two days, with the assistance of Patrol, National Guard, Narcotics Team, CAMP, and STEP Team, in total 17,020 marijuana plants were eradicated from both sites. If allowed to mature, the illegal street value of the marijuana would have been over 17,000,000.00. 

It is estimated that a full grown marijuana plant uses 5 gallons of water a day. During this period of severe drought, families in small communities and agricultural areas are more dependent on their wells and local water systems to provide for them as California faces drastic cutbacks in water usage.

Questions regarding this and other details should be directed to the Employee and Public Relations Unit. They can be reached by calling 559-636-4695 or by emailing sheriffpio@co.tulare.ca.us.