Location: 30700 block Rd 72 Goshen

Incident Date: 08-28-15

Case Number: 15-60796

Victim: State of California

Posted by: Media Relations

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Tactical Enforcement Personnel Unit (STEP), began an investigation into information of illegal marijuana being grown at the above location. Information received was that there appeared to be young children playing in the grow site as children’s toys were seen in the illegal garden and that one of the persons involved worked for Tulare County within a jail facility. During the investigation it was determined that suspect Jaqueline Martinez is employed by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department as a Detention Services Officer. Detention Services Officers are non-sworn and do not have contact with inmates within the facilities.  


A search warrant was obtained for the location and upon service the listed suspects were contacted and detained.  The search revealed 102 marijuana plants each capable of producing a pound of marijuana upon maturity, two packages of processed marijuana weighing approx. one pound combined, an illegal weapon with a high capacity magazine attached and fully loaded, and a spare bedroom was being utilized as a drying /processing room for the illegally grown marijuana. 


Tulare County Child Welfare Services were called and responded due to the fact the an 11 month old child (toddler) was residing at the residence and the marijuana and illegal weapon were in a location that was accessible to the child endangering its safety. The child was subsequently placed by CWS.


The marijuana had a potential net worth of approx. $103,000.00 dollars if sold illegally on the streets. It is estimated that a full grown marijuana plant uses 5-7 gallons of water a day. The total water used in a week by the plants is estimated at 5,000 gallons. During this period of severe drought, families in small communities and agricultural areas are more dependent on their wells and local water systems to provide for them as California faces drastic cutbacks in water usage.


Tulare County Sheriff’s Patrol Division responded to assist and transported the below listed suspects to the Adult Pre-Trial facility for booking. Suspect Jaqueline Martinez was subsequently placed on administrative leave and transported and housed at the Kings County jail.


Suspect-1: Martinez, Jaqueline 24 yoa resides in Goshen

Charges:11358,11359 H&S, 273 A PC, 182 PC

Suspect-2: Sanchez-Trujillo, Victor Hugo 28 yoa resides in Goshen

Charges: 11358,11359, 11366 H&S, 12022.5,32310, 273A, 182 PC

Suspect-3: Garcia-Ceja, Omar 36yoa resides in Visalia

Charges: 11358,11359 H&S, 182 PC