News Releases

Marijuana cultivation

Incident Date: 9/12/16

Case Number: 16-60757

City: Exeter

Posted by: Media Relations

Commercial Burglary

Incident Date: 9/10/16-9/11/16

Case Number: 16-11475

City: Pixley

Posted by: Media Relations

Attempted Escape, Assault on a Peace Officer Causing Injury

Incident Date: 09/09/2016

Case Number: 16-11406

City: Visalia

Posted by: Dispatch

Robbery of an Inhabited dwelling, Criminal threats, Vandalism, Obstructing the use of a cellular device to request assistance from Law Enforcement, Violating a restraining order.

Incident Date: 09-09-16

Case Number: 16-11371

City: Tipton

Posted by: Media Relations

Grand Theft

Incident Date: 9/8/16-9/9/16

Case Number: 16-11369

City: Earlimart

Posted by: Dispatch

Felon in Possession of Ammunition and Loaded Firearm

Incident Date: 09-09-2016

Case Number: 16-11370

City: Tipton

Posted by: Dispatch

Any cruel or inhuman corporal punishment or an injury resulting in a traumatic condition to a child

Incident Date: 09-07-2016

Case Number: 16-11337

City: Earlimart

Posted by: Dispatch

Assault with a deadly weapon, Home Invasion, Shooting a firearm in a Negligent manner, Evading, Child endangerment, Cruelty to an animal

Incident Date: 09-08-2016

Case Number: 16-11335

City: Ivanhoe

Posted by: Dispatch