Incident Date: 05-14-2014

Posted by: Media Relations

Narrative: On 05-16 and 5-17-14 Detectives from the Sheriff’s Gang Violence Suppression Unit were in the Dinuba, Cutler and Orosi areas conducting continuing efforts to curb gang violence in the northern portion of Tulare County. While in the city limits of Dinuba, Detectives contacted several known Norteno gang members. Subsequent investigation found three subjects in possession of controlled substances and substances packaged in a manner consistent with the sales of a controlled substance.

Arrested were:    Jose Reyes (54 years old from Dinuba)
                           Alex Nevarez (26 years old from Dinuba)
                           Lawrence Alvarado (35 years old from Dinuba)

In three unrelated incidents, Detectives arrested 4 subjects for narcotics related offenses.

Arrested were:

Sergio Trejo (27 years old from New London) / Possession of a controlled substance
John Camarillo (41 yrs. old from Monson) / Under the influence of a controlled substance and             possession of drug paraphernalia.
Mario Salamanca (54 yrs. old from Dinuba) / Possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest
Stevan Aguilaria (31 yrs. old from Dinuba) / Possession of a controlled substance and an active felony warrant    

These cases are still being investigated by the Gang Violence Suppression Unit.  Anyone with information regarding these cases is encouraged to contact the Gang Violence Suppression Unit (559) 735-1862 or toll free (800) 808-0488.  Also anonymous tips regarding this case or other gang related information can be left at (559) 725-4194.