Incident Date: 06-06-2015

Incident Time: 1347

Case Number: 15-7080


Posted by: Media Relations

On 6-6-15, Deputies from Tulare County Sheriff’s Department responded to a theft of a pig in the 500 Blk of N Market Rd, in Earlimart. 

Upon arrival they contacted the victim and informed the victim’s pig was missing from the alleyway behind the residence. The pig was kept in the alleyway behind the residence in a pen made of pallets. The victim stated he searched the area several times due to the pig having a tendency of escaping from its pen. 

Deputies contacted nearby witnesses and informed at approximately 1800 hours they observed an unknown male subject attempting to herd the loose pig down the alleyway in the opposite directing of the pen. The subject placed a rope around the pig’s neck and tied it to a fence and left the area in a burgundy Toyota Camry registered out of Delano. At approximately 2200 hours the witness observed the male subject to return with six other unknown male subjects and walk off with leading the pig. When confronting the subjects the witness was advised they were friends of the owner and were going to keep the pig in a secure location.

Delano attempted to contact the registered owner in the 1600 Blk of Lexington St, in Delano, however was met with negative results. 


(S) Unknown 30 year old HMA; 5’7”, 180, bald, with a goatee