Location: Kings River

Incident Date: 5/30/19

City: Kingsburg

Posted by: Media Relations


On Thursday, May 25, 2019, Sheriff Boudreaux announced the Kings River in Tulare County is closed to all recreational use because of potentially dangerous conditions. Recreational use includes swimming and boating.
The Army Corps of Engineers is releasing water from Pine Flat Dam, which flows into the Kings River and travels through Fresno and Tulare counties. Right now, the flow at the Kings River is 5,200 cubic feet per second.
 “I am very concerned about the safety of the people of this county,” said Sheriff Boudreaux. “The water conditions are unsafe and unpredictable and simply not suitable for recreation right now. If shutting down access to a public waterway saves just one life, it is worth any slight inconvenience that it might cause.”
Sheriff Boudreaux wants to remind everyone to be extremely careful in ALL of our local waterways. The water might look calm, but it is NOT and a situation can turn dangerous in an instant.
The Kings River closure signs are being posted. The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office will provide enforcement.