Location: Kern River

Incident Date: 5/28/17

Case Number: 17-06384 and 17-06388

City: Kern River

Posted by: Media Relations

On Sunday, 5-28-2017, the Tulare County Sheriff's Office Swiftwater Dive Rescue Team (SDRT) was again busy on the second day of the Memorial Holiday weekend. 

Case number 17-06384
Five subjects were thrown from a commercial raft near Tombstone Rapids, a class IV rapid, just up river from Camp 3 on the Kern River. All five victims were accounted for by SDRT personnel and confirmed safe.

Case number 17-06388
An adult male subject was swept in to the fast moving cold water near the bridge at McNalley's Lodge. The subject was able to climb into a tree in the water and wait for rescue. SDRT launched a rescue raft assisted by Sheriff's Search and Rescue volunteers and were able to safely bring the subject back to shore.

The public is reminded that snow melt run-off waters are at above average flow rates and are colder than normal. Always wear personal flotation devices when near water, keep children under close competent adult supervision and use common sense around lakes, streams and rivers.