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Message from Sheriff Mike Boudreaux

In the aftermath and continuing investigation of the nation’s worst mass shooting June 12, 2016, in Orlando, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and our communities.

This type of senseless violence cannot be tolerated. Focusing on any group, in this case LGBT, for acts of hate against our freedoms will not be tolerated.

We remain committed to protecting all of our residents here in Tulare County.

Our communities must stand strong. We will not live in fear.

We, at the Sheriff’s Office, do our very best to keep you safe in Tulare County. Every resource will be used to protect you.

One of the tools involves you.

As your Sheriff, I advise all residents to stay vigilant and report all suspicious behavior or activity. All information is important to us.

I want everyone to begin practicing a 3-prong safety strategy: Run-Hide-Fight.

If you are confronted by an active shooter, you should run, hide or fight. Call 911 when it is safe to do so.

Run if you can get away. Hide if you are safe to do so. Most importantly, fight, do not lay idle. Draw the courage to fight.
1. Have an escape route in mind
2. Leave belongings behind
3. Keep hands visible

1. Hide out of view of the shooter
2. Block entry to your hiding place
3. Silence your cell phone

Finally - Fight
1. Fight only as a last resort when your life is in danger
2. Try to incapacitate the shooter
3. Act with physical aggression. Throw items at the shooter

Call 911 when it is safe to do so.

When law enforcement arrives:
1. Try to stay calm and follow instructions
2. Put down any items in your hands
3. Raise hands and spread fingers
4. Keep hands visible at all times

Information you should provide to law enforcement:
1. Location of the shooter
2. Number of shooters
3. Physical description of shooters
4. Number and type of weapons held by shooters
5. Number of potential victims at the location

I want you all to be safe but understand vigilance must be a part of standing together against evil.

As a community, the message must be clear. 

We will work together. We will not live in fear. 

Begin sharing with friends these safety strategies. I pray we never face this type of tragedy within our local communities but practice and repeating safety efforts will prepare us all.  

Together as Americans we can defeat this evil and be proud of what we stand for here in Tulare County.

Be safe and God Bless.

To report suspicious activities, contact the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office at (559) 733-6218 or anonymously at TipNow by calling (559) 725-4194 or by email