Location: Spruce Road and Myer Avenue

Incident Date: 10-28-15

Incident Time: 15-13521

Posted by: Media Relations

In the early morning hours of Oct. 28, a man who had cut himself on purpose and who brandished a knife to deputies was taken into custody without the use of lethal force. 

Friends of this man had received photos from him indicating he was very serious about taking his own life. They shared their information with Visalia Police. Through their investigation, Visalia Police learned he was near his home in Exeter.

Exeter Police searched the area of the man’s home but did not find him.

They widened their search and requested assistance from the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office. Also, air support from the California Highway Patrol was requested and they arrived on scene.

Deputies found blood trails in the area of Filbert Road and Balaam Avenue and Firebaugh Avenue and H streets in Exeter. 

At about 1:50 a.m., a passerby noticed an individual lying near the roadway near the intersection of Spruce Road and Myer Avenue on the outskirts of Exeter. Deputies arrived there shortly afterward and contacted a bloody man leaning on a pole on the northeast corner of the intersection. 

The man began to walk backwards away from deputies and shouted for them to stay back and to kill him. 

Deputies could see the knife in his hand. They ordered him to drop the knife and get down on the ground but he refused.

Fearing the man would further harm himself or others, a deputy deployed his Taser and struck the man on his upper torso with one cycle. He fell to the ground and deputies secured the large folding knife. 

EMS/Fire responded to the scene and tended to his self-inflicted wounds. He was transported by ambulance to Kaweah Delta Medical Center and was followed there by officers from Exeter Police.

Deputies did an outstanding job by demonstrating solid tactics, good communication and restraint, said Sheriff Mike Boudreaux. 

“In this dangerous situation, we are pleased that no one was seriously injured,” he said. “And we are glad this individual was able to receive the assistance he needed.”