Location: Springville

Incident Date: 9/1/17

Incident Time: 1200 hours

City: Springville

Posted by: Media Relations

Officials Call for Voluntary Evacuations of Springville

Because the Pier Fire is moving west and may pose a threat to the Springville area, a voluntary evacuation has been ordered by fire officials.

Tulare County has two levels of evacuations: voluntary and mandatory. A voluntary evacuation means residents should either evacuate or be prepared to do so should conditions worsen.

Officials ask Springville residents to please prepare to evacuate. Assemble all essential valuables, critical medications, changes of clothing, toiletries, and essential documents for each person and pet, and place them in your vehicle. Please also prepare your animals to evacuate with you.

Park vehicles facing outward and keep vehicles fully fueled. If you have disabilities, transportation challenges, or other situations which would require extra time to evacuate, please consider leaving the area immediately.

The recommended evacuation route for Springville residents is Highway 190 to Porterville. Please use extreme caution.

In the early morning hours on September 1, 2017; officials called for a mandatory evacuation for the Upper Rio Vista and Cow Mountain areas. Mandatory evacuation means residents are in imminent threat to life and property, and individuals must evacuate. Officials confirm the Upper Rio Vista and Cow Mountain areas are fully evacuated.
The following areas remain under mandatory evacuation - Camp Nelson; Sequioa Crest; Mountai Aire/Rogers Camp; Cedar Slope; Alpine; Doyle Springs; Wishon; and Pierpoint Springs.

Ponderosa remains under voluntary evacuation.

For further information please call at 559-636-5496.