Location: Tulare County

Incident Date: 8/22/16

City: Tulare County

Posted by: Media Relations

Operation Baby Face, Phase II

Operation Baby Face continues at the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office as Sheriff Mike Boudreaux announced the results Aug. 22, 2016, of the second phase of the operation.

On Aug. 11, the Tulare County Sheriff's Operation Baby Face dismantled a human trafficking organization that sexually exploited 23 juveniles and 29 adults in Tulare County. Three primary suspects were arrested for human trafficking and 12 people were arrested for co-conspiracy. 

On Monday, Aug. 22, Sheriff Mike Boudreaux announced seven men were arrested over the weekend following an operation similar to “Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator.”

The safety of the children in Tulare County is of the utmost importance, said Sheriff Mike Boudreaux. It’s a top priority for the men and women at the Sheriff’s Office each and every day. 

“We have only just begun to scratch the surface on the predators trying to lure our children online into sexual exploitation,” he said.

As a result of Operation Baby Face Phase I, detectives learned of sexual predators who were operating separately from the human trafficking case on the internet via social media. Operation Baby Face Phase II focuses on these predators.

Through an online undercover operation, seven predators were identified and arrested late Friday for soliciting an adult undercover deputy purporting herself to be a 16-year-old female juvenile online for sexual exploitation, said Sheriff Mike Boudreaux. 

“I want the public’s attention,” he said. “The public needs to know that there are predators looking to prey on the innocence of our children. We will be vigilant and aggressive in identifying these predators.”

Parental involvement is vital in protecting our children, Sheriff Boudreaux said. There needs to be community awareness about what children face online. 

The Sheriff’s Office will be kicking off an internet awareness child safety campaign in the near future, Sheriff Boudreaux said. 

“There are predators seeking our children,” he said. ”Our goal is to educate children and their parents about how to keep children safe.”

Who can you call for help? Call local law enforcement.

“Speak to your children,” he said. “Ask the difficult questions.”

During Operation Baby Face Phase I, a female deputy represented herself online as a 16-year-old girl in Tulare County. In no time, several men pursued her even though it was clear she was underage.
While they didn’t meet the criteria of a human trafficking case, they did pursue her, whom they believed to be a female juvenile, for sexual acts. That is a crime. 

The undercover deputy continued the rouse online and agreed to meet up with 13 predators at different times late Friday during an undercover operation in Tulare County. Seven showed up and were arrested for PC 288.3 and PC 288.4.

There are six other active felony cases. Detectives will continue to collect evidence to determine if appropriate charges should be filed with the District Attorney.

Very similar to the television show “Dateline NBC: How To Catch A Predator,” the suspects agreed to show up at an undisclosed location and were arrested for soliciting a juvenile for sexual exploitation as they entered the home.

Suspects arrested:
Armondo Paz-Rea, 31, of Hanford
Eduardo Prado-Castaneda, 26, of Strathmore
Jesus Angel Narez, 23, of Fresno
Luis Angel Hernandez, 28, of Hanford
Mario Sanchez, 25, of Woodlake
Salvador Campos, 35, of Orosi
Serafin De Jesus Rosales, 27, Earlimart

Sheriff Boudreaux’s message:
For kids: Choose your friends wisely. Be aware that there are predators who say they want to be your friends. 

When someone asks you to send a revealing photo of yourself, say no and notify your parents. Photos on the internet last forever. 

For Parents: Please call law enforcement when anything suspicious happens. 

Sheriff Boudreaux encourages parents to talk with their children about what children are doing online and how it could possibly lead to victimization. 

The undercover deputy indicated that within seconds of communicating online with a new suspect, the topic turned sexual in nature with multiple suspects sending her naked photos of themselves.

“Talk to your children,” he said. “You are the parents. Look at what your children are doing online. Be a concerned and protective parent.”

Please contact law enforcement if you discover something suspicious.
Tulare County Sheriff’s Office: (559) 733-6218 or anonymously through TipNow at (559) 725-4194 or tcso@tipnow.com.
 Family Services’ Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking Hotline: (559) 732-7273 
National Human Trafficking Resource Center: (888) 373-7888
Tulare County District Attorney’s Office Victim/Witness Assistance Division (559) 636-5471