Location: 200 block of Beacon

Incident Date: 03-01-15

Incident Time: 1742

Case Number: 15-2641

Victim: Margarito Lopez

Posted by: Media Relations

V- Margarito Lopez (36 YOA)
S- Manuel Reyes

Deputies responded to the above address for a drunken subject who was causing a disturbance. Upon arrival, Deputies contacted the victim who stated suspect came to his residence and threw a bottle at him, striking him (lower body). A witness recorded the incident with his cellphone, which clearly showed the suspect holding a large bottle (appears to be liquor) on his hand and taking a fighting stance. The suspect was holding the bottle from neck of the bottle and raising it up as if he was going to strike.

The area was checked; the suspect was found at a residence nearby and detained. A second victim was located and a statement was taken. The video was collected and downloaded, photographs taken at the scene. No medical treatment was needed.

The suspect was booked at APTF without incident. This case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for review.