Location: 41600 BLK OF RD 105 OROSI

Incident Date: 11-1-14

Incident Time: 1840

Case Number: 14-80101

Victim: State of California

Posted by: Media Relations

(S1)-Ortega, Andrew    DOB: 20 YOA                             Address: 41600 Blk Rd 105 Orosi

Deputies responded to the above address to contact (S) Ortega regarding his probation status and conduct a compliance check. North end Gang Violence Suppression detectives also knew of Ortega being sentenced to wearing an ankle monitor and unable to leave his residence. Detectives arrived at the address and observed a male identified to be Ortega run into the residence. Detectives responded to the door and identified themselves and after several minutes, Ortega came outside. Detectives located a pill bottle with (4) bindles of methamphetamine to be at the location where (S) Ortega was standing when he ran. The meth was weighed and it was found to have a total package weight of 5 grams. A subsequent search of (S) Ortega’s living quarters revealed ammunition and a “Pistol Grip” shotgun.  

Orterga charged with possession and possession of methamphetamine for sales, possession of ammunition and a firearm by a felon, committing a crime (felony) while on house arrest, and the gang enhancement. He was booked and housed at a Tulare County Jail facility.