Location: 34000 block of Bogart Drive, Springville

Incident Date: 02/13/16

Incident Time: 3:30 p.m.

Case Number: 16-01878

City: Springville

Posted by: Dispatch

On 02/12/2016, Deputies responded to the 34000 block of Bogart Drive in Springville for a theft report.  Two residents residing in different houses on the same property reported several items stolen, with a total property loss of approximately $5,000.


            On 02/13/2016, Deputies were conducting a follow up on this case in the 33000 block of Tule Oak Drive in Springville.  Some of the stolen property reported in this case was located in the front yard of a residence belonging to Laren Delk in plain sight. 


            A search warrant for Delk’s residence was approved by a Tulare County Superior Court judge and the majority of the stolen items in this case were recovered during the search of Delk’s Residence.  Delk was not home at the time the search warrant was served at his residence.


            Later the same evening, Laren Delk was located at a residence in the 35000 block of Tule River Drive in Springville.  He was arrested without incident and is being held in the custody of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office.


            This case has been forwarded to the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office pending review for the above listed charges.