Incident Date: 10-4-15

Incident Time: 1200

Case Number: 15-12513

Victim: John Schleich

Posted by: Media Relations

On 10/5/15 Deputies responded to a report of an overdue hiker in the Quaking Aspen area.  The 37 year old victim was overdue from his backpacking trip to Angora Mountain by one day.  

Search and Rescue efforts were initiated and a Deputy was able to locate the victim’s vehicle late on the evening of the 4th.  The Deputy stayed with the vehicle until morning light when additional Sheriff’s Department personnel arrived and began hiking multiple trails in search of the victim.  

After several hours, the victim was located within a few miles of Click’s Creek.  He was sore, tired, and cold, but otherwise uninjured.  The victim was taken to a nearby location and provided food, drink, and rewarmed.  The unexpected storm had caught him off guard and resulted in his seeking shelter, which delayed his return.