Posted by: Media Relations

On Thursday, July 23rd, deputies from the Pixley Substation were called to the 400 block of Burnett Road in Tipton, regarding an elderly female who was possibly lost. Deputy Gomez responded and contacted the woman, who was sitting in her vehicle. Deputy Gomez located the vehicle outside of a gas station, where her car was nearly out of gas, and she was alone.


After some investigation, the woman’s family was contacted, and eventually the elderly woman was returned safely home. Her son and other family members were extremely appreciative and sent the following letter:


...On Thursday evening, July 23, 2014 at 2210 hours, I received a phone call that no son wants to receive: that his widowed mother is disoriented and confused, it is night and she is three hours from her home town (Oakdale), she was retrieved… with her gas tank nearly empty, and someone needs to pick her and her car up at the Pixley Sheriff's Office Sub-Station… Even with my many years of experience working in a field involving frequent crisis, it is different when it involves someone you love. 


Deputy Sheriff Gomez was calm, confident, reassuring, and without a hint of condemnation. As I live over 500 miles north, he was ready and eager to problem solve. We quickly located dear family friends who came to both my and my mother's rescue; however, they were also located three hours north. During this three hour wait, Deputy Sheriff Gomez stayed in close contact with me, and with these family friends en route. He, with his own money, bought my mother dinner, comforted her with a blanket and teddy bear, and entertained her with the kindest of conversation. I could not be more grateful for these acts of kindness...


Deputy Gomez went above and beyond the call of duty when responding to a call of an elderly person who was possibly lost. The deputy did not only ensure that she was safe while she waited for her family, he cared for her as a person who needed comfort when she was far from home in a place that was not familiar to her. 


Sheriff Boudreaux would like to commend Deputy Gomez for the good work he did on July 23rd as he performed a service above and beyond the call of duty.