Posted by: Media Relations

Sheriff Mike Boudreaux and his Executive Command staff hosted the first meeting of the Sheriff’s Public Outreach Team (S.P.O.T.) Thursday night at Sheriff’s Headquarters.

The team was created to help facilitate community learning and outreach, increase awareness of what the Sheriff's Office can do for the public, and to give the community an opportunity to communicate with the Sheriff through members of the team.

Community leaders from around Tulare County were asked if they would take part in the team, and 13 individuals accepted. Eight were in attendance at the Thursday night meeting, including: Willard Epps from Tulare, Mel Babolla from Visalia, Paulie Romero from Visalia, Armondo Apodaca from Visalia, Lali Moheno from Visalia, Dennis Laux from Porterville, Stephanie Cortez from Porterville, and Ed Needham from Visalia. 

Yesterday's meeting included an overview of the operational units of the Sheriff's Office, as well as a question and answer session where community leaders discussed the budget, body worn and in-vehicle cameras, and the importance of community relations at all levels.

This team, which will continue to meet regularly, is part of Sheriff Boudreaux's vision of moving into the future of law enforcement and making a difference in the communities of Tulare County - and is also the first team of its kind in the history of the agency.

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