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On Tuesday, October 28, 2014, Sheriff Mike Boudreaux recognized the actions of five Tulare County Sheriff’s Department employees that went beyond expectation. In a ceremony in the lobby of Sheriff’s Headquarters at 3:30 PM, Sheriff Boudreaux and members of his staff presented the commendations to Deputies Ryan King, Joel Robertson, and Scott Mackey, Sergeant Stephanie Negrete, and Records Clerk Kristen Lamarsna.  

Please read below about the actions these individuals took that brought them to the attention of the Sheriff’s Department.

On Sunday August 10, 2014, Deputies King, Mackey, and Robertson were dispatched to a residence in Ivanhoe regarding a suspicious circumstance involving a resident arriving home and finding blood on the floor. They contacted the owner, who did not live in that residence, and found that there was information lacking and decided to investigate further by checking the side door of the residence. There they found large amounts of blood, and after discussion what course of action should be taken, they proceeded to check the interior of the residence and found no one inside that they could see, and instead found a locked door that they could not breach. 

After another evaluation of what steps to take, the deputies decided to enter that area by force and found an individual with serious head trauma. Upon finding that person, the deputies established a crime scene, administered aide to the subject, and made quick decisions that helped save that individual’s life. 

On June 24, 2014, Sergeant Stephanie Negrete was working as a shift supervisor in the Men’s Correctional Facility – during which an inmate collapsed in the yard. Sergeant Negrete was notified by radio and responded immediately to the situation. The inmate had stopped breathing and showed no sign of a pulse. Sergeant Negrete and staff responded with life saving measures including breathing assistance and chest compressions, as well as calling for an ambulance. An AED device was used to administer a shock to the inmate, who was then able to breathe and was later transported to Kaweah Delta District Hospital. 

Sergeant Negrete remained calm and collected during this incident, showing an excellent grasp of leadership and quick decision-making skills. Her actions helped save the inmate’s life, and her leadership is to be commended. 

On the evening of September 13, 2014, Kristen Lamarsna was one of two Records Clerks on duty in Headquarter’s Records Division. The second Clerk was eating her dinner when something lodged in her throat and she began to choke. Unable to swallow or breathe, Jill gestured to Kristen that she needed help, and without hesitation, Kristen performed the Heimlich maneuver on Jill three times before the blockage was freed and Jill was able to breathe again.

Kristen took action when she could have called for help, and her quick thinking and willingness to help saved Jill a trip to the hospital, and possibly saved her life. Her calmness during the incident, as well as her quick thinking and first aid skills, saved a co-worker and helped avert disaster.