Posted by: Media Relations

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office debuted its new mascot Wednesday at the Tulare County Fair Parade.

Deputy BuzzBee waved from the back of a pickup truck while Sheriff’s Explorers handed out stickers with his motto on it: “Bee kind, bee honest, and bee safe”.

Reaction to Deputy BuzzBee was immediate.

“Children swarmed him,” said Megan Rapozo, public relations officer.

Parents took photographs of their children with him.  

Deputy BuzzBee will be at the Tulare County Fair through Sunday and can be found at the Sheriff’s booth in the Commercial Building or walking around the fairground.

Afterward, Deputy BuzzBee will visit Tulare County schools and reach out to early elementary school children in county schools to encourage safety and interpersonal development.

School presentations also include a short visual presentation aimed at “bullying awareness” and reflects current information, bullying trends, statistics, and new ways to identify a bully in the new age of social and electronic bullying. 

In the future, the BuzzBee Program will also include presentations on other topics, including but not limited to: gang awareness, internet safety, and drug awareness.

Sheriff Mike Boudreaux came up with the idea for Deputy BuzzBee while visiting Disneyland with his family. He noticed how his children reacted to characters in full costume and wanted to bring that magic back home to Tulare County children.

The Deputy BuzzBee Program is one more way for the Sheriff’s Office to interact with youth in a positive manner, he said.

It cost $17,000 to begin the program. The money came from asset forfeitures in accordance with Health & Safety Section 11489, which allows 15 percent of all State-related seizures conducted by the Sheriff’s Office to be spent on drug, gang and intervention programs by the Sheriff’s Office.

For more information, contact the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office Employee and Public Relations Unit at (559) 636-4695 or with any questions or to schedule an event.