Posted by: Media Relations

Jack in the Box, in partnership with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department, began a fundraiser on November 1st, 2014 to raise money to purchase three new dogs for the Sheriff’s Department K9 Team. The fundraiser, which will last until November 26th, includes all Jack in the Box locations in Tulare County, as well as several in Kings and Fresno counties. 

Guests of the franchise will be asked if they would like to donate a dollar amount towards the K9 Team, and a part of the proceeds made during that time frame will also be donated. Individuals who donate will be given a paper dog paw to sign that will be displayed in the restaurant. 

The dog paws printed by the restaurant also show the words “In memory of Beau”. Beau was the K9 partner of Deputy Luis Carillo, and experienced seizures and passed away in late 2013. Deputy Carillo and Beau began working together in February of 2011. Their two year career saw sixteen apprehensions, three K9 Trials where they placed multiple times, as well as certification in narcotic detection training.

In November of 2013, Beau suffered from a violent and unexpected seizure on duty – something veterinarians said was most likely a result of epilepsy, and could be controlled with medication. Weeks went by and Beau’s condition deteriorated, and in December it was discovered that he had a brain tumor and there was no hope for recovery. On December 19th of that year, the difficult decision to put Beau to rest was made. When the time came, Beau died peacefully in the company of Deputy Carillo as well as other members of the K9 Team. 

The money raised will go towards the purchase of new canines in order to maintain the K9 Team and to fill spots currently open due to Beau's passing away as well as the retirement of other canines. 

The fundraiser ends November 26th. Sheriff Mike Boudreaux would like to thank Jack in the Box and all those who have and will donate for their generosity.