Location: Inyo and West, Tulare

Incident Date: 09-03-19

Incident Time: 1130hrs

City: Tulare

Posted by: Media Relations

TCSO K9 Deputy Shot While Chasing Carjacking Suspect

Just before 11:30 a.m on 9/3/19, members of the TCSO CATTCH Unit were conducting surveillance of a wanted Carjacking and Robbery suspect, who also had a felony warrant for possession of a firearm and misdemeanor resisting arrest warrant.

During the surveillance, Detectives stopped a car near Inyo and West in Tulare. The Carjacking and Robbery suspect, Ricardo Aguirre, was the rear passenger in that car.

During that traffic stop, Aguirre jumped out and ran east on Inyo. Detectives ran after him. A TCSO K9 unit arrived on scene, and the K9 Deputy was sent to chase after the suspect.

During the chase, an undercover TCSO Detective in plain clothes (not in uniform) crossed paths with the K9 Deputy, who confused him with the suspect. The K9 Deputy then latched onto the Detective’s tactical vest. Unable to get the K9 Deputy off of him, the Undercover Detective fired one round into the K9’s neck.

The K9 Deputy was taken to a local vet, where he went into surgery and will survive his injuries. The Detective was not seriously hurt.

Ricardo Aguirre was caught in the same lot as the incident with the K9 and was arrested.

Sheriff Boudreaux has asked the Tulare Police Department to investigate this incident.

Please keep everyone involved in this difficult incident in your thoughts. We are so grateful that K9 Deputy Jack is expected to recover from his injury